Friday, November 19, 2010

Nest Box Project: Vanderhoof Fish and Game Club team up with Scouts Canada

Thanks to the Vanderhoof Boy Scouts for their assistance in putting up over 25 waterfowl nest boxes along the Stuart River in Stuart River Provincial Park. Nest boxes we put up in August 2010. Scout Master Olin Albertson, troop leader Kelton Mckee, and Scout Branson Albertson, Samuel Albertson, and Art Dykstra all participated in the long but rewarding day of putting up Nest Boxes. Thank you Scouts.

Scouts as they prepare to leave for the day of putting up Nest Boxes

Samuel Albertson puts in the final screw in a nest box

Branson Albertson finishes putting up a nest box

Kelton Mckee Holds up Nest Box while
another scout fastens the box to the tree.